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It's a Beautiful Journey!

It's a Beautiful Journey!

Welcome to Beautiful Journey!  The idea behind a beautiful journey actually came from a friend of mine. One day she said to me, "I just want my kids to have a beautiful life." That stuck with me and I have thought about that quote often.

What makes a beautiful life? Everyone feels and sees things differently. What I may find beautiful may be boring to another person. The key is finding out what is beautiful to you, and then filling your life with those beautiful things.

Maybe what you find beautiful are not even things, but ideas or thoughts or dreams. I love flowers and gardening and creating spaces that are beautiful to me. These things calm me. They bring joy to me and in turn I am more joyful toward others.

So take a few minutes in the next few days and grab on to one thing that you think is beautiful. Hoping you take time to find your beautiful things!

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  • Rebecca Lynn