Letting Go

I got a new dryer. A big beautiful dryer. Not only is it beautiful it also dries my families clothing in less than 30 minutes! So what, you say? Big deal.

7 years ago I made my first really huge purchase for our home. I bought a brand new washer and dryer set. I researched what I wanted, found the biggest one on the market and looked for one that I thought was also beautiful. Because that's the way I am. I love things that look beautiful.

One week into this lovely thought out purchase I began to doubt my choice. The clothes were taking too long to dry. My old dryer would never stop (which prompted the purchase, huge electric and gas bills!) and the clothes were roasting hot when I opened the door. After a full cycle my clothes were still damp in the new dryer. 2 or 3 times the tech would visit and every time say that nothing was wrong with my dryer. I finally quit calling. Eventually I just made my peace with the thing and ran my clothes for 3 hours. So foolish really. I spent 7 years reaching my hand in and feeling damp clothing every time. Sometimes I even had to re wash if I forgot about it and it sat in the dryer too long. I spent years grinding my teeth in frustration and anger. 

Why? Why did I do this? I think it had to do with my investment. I had a lot of money wrapped up in that purchase. I hated thinking that I made a wrong choice, that I had not been wise about our money. I kept thinking that one day I would be so surprised to find it had dry clothes inside! But sometimes you can't avoid the fact that things just aren't going to change on their own. 

We hang on to things for crazy reasons. Our anger, our bitterness, control, excuses, fears. They feel comfortable and familiar. We anticipate that someday things will just change and be better. But sometimes the change has to happen because of ourselves. It takes action on our part. I could have lived in frustration for another 7 years but I had finally had enough. I took the steps to change this particular problem. 

What kinds of things are you holding onto? What would your like look life without these things that are weighing you down day after day? What are the things that cause friction in your life? I have been purposing in my life to reduce the amount of things that suck the joy out of living. It is definitely a process that takes time. But I know that if I don't take action they will still be with me next year and the year after that.  

Join me in creating a life with a little less stress.  I am off to do laundry!